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Welcome to Quiltin' Crazy!

Ask any family business how they got started, and they'll all start off with a funny story that led to a great idea. We're no different, except our story goes back four generations to a small midwest town. While it may have taken four generations to come true, our family would like to share it with you.

It all started four generations ago with Granny Wilson, as she began our family's tradition of quilting. She would pass down techniques, patterns and her creations to children, grandchildren, and now, her great-grandchildren. Tammy, her granddaughter (and "Mom" in our story), decided adding a longarm into the family would be a wise investment. Michael, her husband, commented "you'll never remember how much you paid, just that you love it." Well, Michael would soon have that phrase used against him as we watched the family's longarm enter an upstairs window into a newly-finished storage room that would house our first shop.

From there, the family business grew - as Granny's great-granddaughter, Kate, ("Daughter" in this story), joined in and quickly took a liking to this family tradition. Using Kate's experience with design and online marketing, the business soon became a Mother-Daughter partnership and launched in 2021. Family friend Carla Jean would join in, adding her long-arm expertise, and helping the partnership take root from a room of tangled threads.

We like to think Granny Wilson would be proud of us and pleased to know that for four generations, her creativity is still alive and growing in our family. Plus, let's be honest - we needed a hobby to supplement our love for travel and wine.

We hope you love what you see as much as we have loved curating what we offer. 

From Our Family To Yours,
Tammy and Kate

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Longarming Services

We provided longarming services to Tampa Bay locals. The Quiltin' Crazy headquarters in located in the Countryside area of Clearwater, FL. Please email us at: for additional information. 

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